Curious Mark and the Skewered Balloon

Can I skewer a balloon without it popping?
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Key point: God does amazing things in us and through us.



Can I skewer a balloon without it popping? Seems impossible? Let's see.


Instructions for parents:

This is an opportunity for kids to explore learning how to learn.

Concepts such as Observation, Ponder, Imagine, and Hypothesize (Think) are some tools that help to understand the wonderful world around us. 

It is best to prepare the materials beforehand and set up the learning environment. The area should be free from distractions and safety is of utmost importance. 

For the barbecue balloon experiment, all you need is

  • a pointed skewer
  • a balloon.
  • Perhaps some cooking oil or lubricant to slightly moisten the tip of the skewer.


  1. Inflate the balloon.
  2. You will observe that the top and bottom parts of  the balloon have a darker rubber area. These are the points where you skewer the balloon. 
  3. Begin by skewering the bottom part of the balloon gently. This may take practice and finesse, a balloon may pop here and there,  so enjoy the learning process.


Why did this happen?

The polymer chains at the bottom and top of membrane of the balloon are more compacted as compared to the other regions, allowing the skewer to go through without popping.


Bible Lesson:

Philippians 4.13: I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

  • Many things seem impossible to do.
  • Other seem to difficult to achieve.
  • Some we don't even want to try to do, because it looks impossible.

It seems improbable that a ballon would not pop when skewed by a barbecue stick. But with the right approach and in the right hands it is possible.

  • With God the seemingly impossible things are very possible
  • We can live amazing lives only through Jesus.


  • Pray that God would continue to surprise us with the amazing and the impossible each day.