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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

This is the last day of Forty-Flex! Will you miss it ?

I hope that you have enjoyed going through the Gospels and walking with Jesus. Perhaps your faith is gaining speed. Renewed pace. Strength even.

Just remember, the world and our schedules have a way of, well, getting in the way. Soon enough this habit which we've developed over forty days gets lost in the midst of other concerns. The Jesus whom we have been walking so closely with might feel quite far. We might get lost. We might not know where to turn.

If, or when, that happens remember, He is right there next to you. It's not some other person. Definitely not the gardener.

It's Jesus. He calls to us. Each moment of everyday.

Let's read together.
John chapter 20 to 21

Now think about this.

She thought he was the gardener. That's what happened. ‍

Mary Magdalene thought that the resurrected Jesus who was standing beside her was the gardener. Then Jesus called her name. "Mary!", He said. Only then did she recognise Him. The one that she was mourning over; the one that was, just yesterday, crucified; the one she was looking for, was right there next to her.

Whenever we turn to Him, we always find him there. Calling to us all this time.

Jesus is alive! All things impossible, now made possible. With the living Jesus in our lives we can accomplish so much more than we think we can do.

Ponder the ways Jesus has, and continues to, take you beyond your limits.