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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

Quote of the day: I am praying…

Only one chapter today. A powerful chapter.

The whole of chapter 17 is Jesus’s prayer. He intercedes for the well-being of His disciples and for all who will believe in the future. You do know, that’s us. Jesus prayed to you and for me.

Of deeper significance, in this prayer Jesus sets the foundation for a bridge that was yet to be built. The bridge that would unify us to the Father, just as Jesus was united to the Father. A bridge that would fuse us to each other with one heart and mind, as Jesus was in perfect unity with the Father. A bridge that was established on the shoulders of Jesus. On His outstretched arms on the Cross.

Let's read together.
John chapter 17

Now think about this.

Jesus prayed a personal prayer of covering and keeping for you. Jesus knew that His ministry would have far-reaching effects. His work would be felt well into the future.

He had you in his mind as he prayed for all who would believe!

Do you feel His embrace right now?

God the Father gave Jesus a mission. He finished it. All the way.

In the same way, Jesus gave us a mission. Here are two questions, just to check: Do you know your mission? How is your mission progressing?

Song of the day! Play it loud. Sing it louder.