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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

Quote of the day: In a little while you won’t see me anymore. But a little while after that, you will see me again.

The disciples were confused. They were wondering what was going on. Are we playing hide-and-seek? Where is He going? The Father? When? A little while?

So Jesus explained. Soon they wouldn’t see Him. He’d be leaving and that their parting will be painfully brutal. It will be sorrowful. But it was necessary for the joy that was to follow. That joy would be wonderful. No one could steal the joy that was coming.

Let's read together.
John chapters 15 and 16

Now think about this.

The two sides that Jesus spoke of—pain and joy—are, in brutal beauty, displayed on the Cross.

On one side you see the savage pain, on the other boundless glee. The suffering and sorrow of Jesus is fundamental to completing our joy.

This joy is our freedom.
We are free from sin. Free from death. Free from debt.
Paid in full. By the blood of Jesus.

Do you finally believe? That’s what Jesus asked His disciples after years of being together.

How about you, do you finally believe the power of Christ’s work on the Cross?