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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

Extra-ordinary times we have been put it. However, our God is super-extra-ordinary. By that I mean above the extraordinary.

In the passage today Jesus deals with the death of Lazarus in ways beyond human understanding. Consider these highlights:

  • Jesus came to Lazarus in His own time (when Lazarus was burried)
  • Jesus said Lazarus was just sleeping
  • Jesus asked for a tomb four-days closed to be opened
  • Jesus raised the dead man

Still, a chapter later people would not say they believed Jesus because: ... they loved human praise more than the praise of God.

What do we choose to declare today?

Ready? Read!
John chapters 11 and 12

Now think about this.

Towards the days of Jesus’s crucifixion many words of revelation were uttered and many miracles were seen Following these revelations and miracles many people believed in Jesus. Many, did not. Then there were those who believed Jesus but they would not declare it. They would not admit it because, the Bible says, they were afraid that they would be expelled from their group. They loved human praise more than the praise of God (John 12.43).

Now, here’s the hook for me: belief in Jesus necessitates a personal testimony. A public show of faith. I can’t merely say: I agree with Jesus. Or mouth out that I kinda like Jesus.

Belief in Jesus is led by an experience with Him. This experience with Jesus changes me. This change brings about a testimony. This testimony is visible.

Friend, our belief in our super-extra-ordinary God and the testimony it carries is more important today than ever before.

I say again: More than ever. We need—the world needs—Jesus.