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Walk with Jesus. Run in faith.

The passages today open with some very familiar parables. I feel they are quite hard-hitting parables. Jesus goes out of His way to explain a few—just to make be sure his audience understands. It’s clear that He effectively used these in all His public teaching.

Jesus did his best to make the Kingdom of God alive in the minds of people. He wanted them to live with the love of God alive in their hearts.

Miracles end the day's passages: A calmed storm. Oppression expelled. Life awakened.

I know that He can do all that for me, today.

Let's read
Mark chapters 4 and 5

Now think about this.

Quote of the day: The child isn't dead. She is only asleep. (Mark 5.39) – Jesus said this in reference to a twelve-year-old girl that people knew was dead.

I cannot help but think of the things that I may have long-ago left for dead (relationships, dreams, hope, a different outcome, a chance at a new perspective). Perhaps Jesus just needs to wake these up.

Perhaps I, like the crowd have chuckled at the power of Jesus's words. Perhaps I need to be reminded of Jesus's life-giving love.


Maybe it's fervor that needs to be woken up in you. Maybe it's passion. Maybe it's worship. Maybe it's praise. Maybe it's forgiveness. Maybe it's trust.

Maybe these have been in your heart all along, but they've been dormant. Just waiting for a call to rise.

Maybe it's a deep chasing. A yearning for God. It's there. It just needs to be stirred.

Friend if this is for you, know that I am praying with you today.

I know He can wake what needs to rise.